How To Style With Antiques In A Condo

As the downsizing trend continues, our clients continually ask what is condo appropriate for antique/vintage furnishings?  Personally, I like to approach this from a practical perspective because if you have pieces in your space that serve no purpose, it will make you unhappy. 

Creative layouts and design mean that condo fixtures have more style and function than ever before. Condo owners just need a few key pieces to live comfortably! Don't make the most common mistake of furnishing a condo with pieces scaled for a larger home.  Be prepared to think multi purpose with a top priority on function!

If you have pieces you know will work, you are ahead of the game. If you don't, think of downsizing as part of the transition. By using antiques in a new way, you open the door to more functional furnishings in a condo. You will use your small space more often and love it's warm authentic look! As always Castle & Park is ready to help you transition and source those key pieces you are seeking! Don't forget about our in house paint line Dust Paint and the custom paint studio of Peony & Plumb. We can customize those items you adore and stay within budget too.

I have put together a few key tips to keep in mind when styling your condo space. Enjoy!


Dressers are often overlooked in antiques/vintage style because they tend to be bulky, wrong in colour and dominating in a small space. It is unfortunate as they can be key components to getting your condo styled just right!  Dressers make excellent storage options along long flat walls or as a focal point at the end of a hallway.  Because dressers are bulky or sit flush to the floor, make them modern by putting them on simple attachable legs such as hairpin or wooden.  This will bring the dresser height up and it can double as a hallway table.  You also should consider painting a piece to add colour and fun or replace all the hardware for something more fresh. By adding simple components such as a barn board,  butcher block or off cut granite a boring dresser can double as a wet bar or serving area! They also look excellent under a wall mounted TV or as a modern kitchen island.

Coffee Tables

Smaller living spaces need two things, storage and flow. If you prefer a lighter looking coffee table, seek out glass or reflective metal as they tend to disappear in a space easier. Another trick is paint the base to match your rug or flooring. Round is best in smaller zones because hard edges restrict traffic flow.  If you are seeking storage, we suggest getting a cedar chest or vintage trunk. The beauty in these pieces allows for style but function too. To keep them clean, find a tray the same size as the top and you've got a stylish yet functional addition!

Dining Tables/Eating Zones

The hardest item to part with is always the family table and matching collection however it is necessary for a condo to not feel cramped.  If you are in a very small space, dining tables that have chairs at level with the table top are the most ideal. This will create a low and clean profile and if they are coloured the same as the table, will not dominate a space.  Look for chairs that tuck in flush and leave a very small footprint around the table. Another option is using ghost chairs, or metal chairs as reflective materials will once again seem lighter and disappear.  Circle tables create more flow but can be awkward if not placed properly. A rectangle table is ideal with extendable leaves that can be tucked away. We also suggest getting rid of chairs on one side of your table and replacing it with a bench. The bench can go elsewhere in the home or tuck underneath when not in use.


I am a big fan of using forgotten and awkward space to your advantage. Couches often go against a long flat wall in a condo, however this is a missed opportunity. Placing a long and very thin table behind a sofa allows the opportunity to put lighting, art, decor and beverages in place without end tables. Also couches that have skirts should be removed. Skirts drag the eye down and give a grounded look while a sofa placed on legs will create more flow and make a room seem bigger. Mirrors behind couches is another big hit. A mounted mirror will give a room more light and feeling of space similar to a window, but they need to either be oversized, very long or placed in multiples to get the right effect.

We look forward to helping you find that transitional piece that makes your condo perfect!  Visit us on Facebook for more daily inspiration!