Castle & Park is known for retail, but we also rent estates for vacations, special events and film/television needs. Investment property owners seeking alternative income can now apply to be in our curated portfolio of exclusive estate rentals.


We grow your margins

At Castle & Park, we manage listings online and through direct sales. Only top tier properties with in demand attributes are promoted.  We create the perfect atmosphere while allowing home owners to still enjoy their property privately. Gone are the days of blackout weekends. Generate profit without sacrifice.

We make it boutique

Our strength is the details. Every aspect of your rental is professionally managed. With around the clock support and strict guest verification, our structured environment is transparent and protective. We also offer home setup packages to supply furniture and household goods at below retail prices.

We are affordable

Castle & Park is compensated by results. No monthly fees or hidden costs. We bill 20% each finalized booking and provide income reports with each direct payment 48 hours after check out. We manage the tax and provide home owners with necessary tools such as legal coverage, insurance requirements and security upgrades. It's simple and the safer way to rent your home.

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